In 2017 The Digital Women’s Network teamed up with The Australian College of Marketing, to offer our members access to professional education that will support their career goals in the world of Digital. In 2018 we are delighted to share the latest offering from The Australian College of Marketing who is delivering qualifications from the Digital Marketing Association the UK’s leading association for Digital Marketing.

This digital marketing course will teach you how to plan, execute and measure a comprehensive digital campaign. A rigorous and practical Diploma accredited Digital Marketing Association.

Awarded by the Digital Marketing Association

Practical work-based assignments – solid proof of what you can do

30% Credit – for your existing marketing qualifications or experience

Rigorous – each module is approximately 30-hours of guided study

Supported – local Australian tutor support and live webinars

Strategic planning & tactics – learn more than just tactical tools

The qualification is awarded by the Digital Marketing Association (DMA), the UK’s leading association for digital marketing professionals.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the DMA is guided by an Industry Advisory Council. The council provides steering and guidance to maintain standards, and to ensure that qualifications reflect the latest developments and demands of the sector.

Members of the Advisory Council include:

Advertising Research Manager, Google

Associate Strategist, Google

Global Content & Social Media Marketing Leader, LinkedIn

Vice President, SAP

Assistant Vice President, Barclays Bank UK

Director, Intel Corp

Business Programs Director, University California Irvine


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