The state of motherhood in Australia by Katrina McCarter

This week I caught up with Katrina who has just released a research report into The State of Motherhood in Australia. She has provided this for free and delighted to share with our community to access.

There are 6.2 million mothers in Australia and they are responsible for spending $132 billion in this country every year. To put that into context, If mothers were an industry they would be our largest contributor to GDP.

Mothers are powerful consumers who spend for multiple generations. They are also strong influencers on other people’s spending. In fact, research shows that when a woman becomes a mother she is EIGHT times more likely to talk about businesses and brands. So even if mothers are not considered to be your ideal client, their opinions are impacting your sales.

The Marketing to Mums ‘State of Motherhood in Australia’ research report reveals a very grim portrait of being a mothers in Australia today. It is essential reading for employers as well as businesses wishing to attract more mothers (and their families). It demonstrates why Australian mothers feel unsupported, undervalued and misrepresented

There are enormous opportunities to better engage mothers, build stronger relationships and support these women which will grow . Now, more than ever, we need to reflect, review and reinvent the way we communicate and support these women. It’s time for change.


This free report will be very useful for anyone in our community who employ mothers or wish to attract more mothers to their business as customers/clients.

You are welcome to access it here:

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