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Renown for our ability to combine the power of learning through shared experiences via our monthly events, courses and networking. Our aim is to demystify the digital landscape, provide leadership insights and skills.

Driven by a desire to create a space for leaders in business, industry experts, technology experts and entrepreneurs to share their experiences, ideas, insights and tips with our community.

The need for a strong network increases throughout a person’s career and life stages. Your career may change, your job may shift and colleagues may come and go. However, having a great network can help you in many ways from growing a business or tapping into the hidden job market.

We are passionate about ensuring that Women are thinking beyond Digital!

Here at Digital Women’s Network, we create regular events and courses to assist in both professional and personal development of women. All in order to build the leaders of tomorrow and ensure women are at the forefront of the global digital revolution.

Digital Women’s Network also connects members online and offline around the world through online platforms.

To be a part of our international network of digital leaders, become a member with a choice of our varied membership packages, be a part of the conversation at one of our events, meet up groups and/or simply sign up to our emails.

Our HQ is located at Georges on Collins, level 3 162 Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000. All attendees and members have to adhere to our Code of Conduct

meet our team of fabulous women

Angela Mellak MCIM

Angela Mellak MCIM

Founder, Marketing Strategist

Co-founder of Digital Women’s Network,

Angela is a digital marketing strategist and founder of Digital White Space, (an award-winning marketing + communications company). A passionate Entrepreneur with 20+ years Strategy, digital marketing communications and board experience. Angela is passionate about connecting people and technology, marketing, digital communications and networking. 

Angela looked to create a space for like-minds to connect, share some insights and build on her extensive network to ensure Women are at the forefront of the Digital revolution globally. She continues to aim in creating opportunities to build the Digital leaders of tomorrow, provide exposure to Female Entrepreneurs and Women’s focused charities and causes. Through creating events that showcase inspirational Role Models, tip, tools, latest trends, personal development, success stories and connecting Digital leaders to give Digital Women’s Network members the tools to succeed.

Angela is passionate about connecting people and technology with brilliant, functional and beautiful design. Her focus is to grow brands and businesses through collaboration Angela can be contacted at

Bernadette Cullen

Bernadette Cullen

Board Member

Currently Digital Performance Director @Performics Australia

Bernadette has 8 years’ experience as a performance marketing professional and team leader in Travel/FMCG/ Finance/Auto/Technology/Engineering sectors. I have a proven track record of consulting businesses and leading teams to ensure we are implementing integrated and highly effective Paid Search, SEO, Social and Programmatic display marketing strategies that seek to improve business performance.

Paid Search
Google Display Network
Facebook Marketplace
Strong Understanding of SEO principles
Integrated media strategies.
Team management and development.
Solid experience working across the Automotive, FMCG, Telecommunications, Recruitment, Pharmaceuticals and Finance verticals.

Carmen Sederino

Carmen Sederino

Board Member, Speaker Coach

Carmen Sederino is a speaking coach with over two decades of experience in business and marketing in a corporate global enterprise. She is passionate about working with professionals and executives to ensure their message is heard and felt. Carmen supports businesses through collaborating with leadership teams, senior executives, their staff and clients in order to develop content that is both engaging and clear and delivered with impact.

Armed with a 360 degree perspective on presenting complex information across a wide variety of audiences, Carmen’s experience in sales and marketing is complemented by her Bachelor of Performing Arts and acting background. Carmen has crafted a methodology with supportive strategies and techniques that empower individuals she works with, from curating the content “ from the page to the stage” she coaches and leads executives, teams, and individuals in their delivery techniques and builds their confidence and skills in a consultative approach.

With Carmen’s approachable and warm manner and strength-based approach, her clients build their skills and confidence to a point where presenting becomes one of the most enjoyable aspects of their role.

Insiya Challawala

Insiya Challawala

Board Member & Director Sydney

Insiya is an active member of the Digital Women’s Network.  Insiya is an electronics engineer turned marketer, whom has been operating in the digital space for 7 years. She has a diverse experience base ranging from Semiconductor Verification to Project Leadership, Event Organizing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing and more. She is passionate to help businesses grow their digital outreach. A confident, positive and poised person willing to take initiatives and striving to continuously improve her professional knowledge and competence by collaborating with different individuals and organizations. In her leisure time, she likes reading, cooking and doing DIY crafts.

Jesse Zarb

Jesse Zarb

Committee Member

I am values-driven, consistent, communicative and positive. With those core strengths, my input to workplace culture and my desire to achieve social change, I work to make a difference.

I am the Global Village (Volunteer program) Manager with Habitat for Humanity Australia and sit on the committee of Digital Women’s Network.

Jody Smith

Jody Smith

Committee Member

Bio: I’m Jody Smith, I’m 30 years old and a natural redhead (or ranga as I like to say). Much to my mum’s dismay, I bleach my hair, but I’m still covered in freckles so … feel free to check out my freckly arms next time you see me.

I’ve been in recruitment for over 7 years, both internal and agency. I’ve worked my way up the work food chain, and am now managing an entire branch for the company I currently work for! I’m a big believer in being yourself at work, and I’ve always done that – with clients and work buddies. I’m a terrible liar, so there’s no use me pretending to be someone that I’m not. Even though I’m in management positions now, I am still the biggest goof in the office and I love to have fun! I have a life outside of work too. I’m big a festival/live music nut, I love a wine at the pub (The Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy is my local), and I’m a self-confessed gym junkie. I’m addicted to those sweet endorphins.

What do I enjoy most about my job: Well, I’m only new to Symmetry HR but what I’m loving so far is the freedom to be myself and try different ways of doing things! I’m an ‘outside the box’ creative thinker, and although I do love structure I struggle in environments that are too rigid in the way they do things. Symmetry HR encourage a family-friendly and fun office environment, which is definitely my jam.

Skills I have refined that could help people if they are needing advice: Career mentoring/coaching. I recently went through training with Fitted For Work to be a mentor to women who are long term unemployed or having difficulty securing and holding down work. I can provide advice on anything and everything to do with recruitment processes!

What are my goals for joining DWN? To grow my network, and gain new skills in networking and event planning. I’ve been to a couple of DWN events now, and every time I’ve come away with 1 or 2 new friends to connect with. I imagine being on the board I could potentially leave each event with 3 or MORE new friends, which is the dream. The more friends, the merrier I become.

I also believe I have a lot to give to the group in the way of ideas, creativity, being hands on. If I commit to something I give it 110% effort.

What do I enjoy about networking? I think it’s super important to be well networked, especially in the recruitment industry. Not just to be connected to potential clients or candidates, but to know what is happening in the market and what trends are coming and going. I’m not just a recruiter – I am a broker, a career and life coach, a sounding board for ideas, a problem solver. If I can’t help someone out, I always have someone in my network that I can refer to for advice.

Kelly Dang

Kelly Dang

Board Member

Kelly is passionate about all thing digital and technology, thriving in high-pressure environments, who enjoys pushing the boundaries to explore new territories.

Kelly’s induction into business began with her running a Melbourne based fashion brand, in which she use the profit to support poor women in Vietnam. She is very active within the tech startup scene in Melbourne, especially the IOTs space. Currently, Kelly is responsible for growth and every aspects of digital marketing in HR tech startup in Victoria. In spare time, she is writing and managing an online wine forum. Kelly believes in handwork and spends time pursuing work that provides a challenge with people who inspire. 

Her future goals are to connect and empower young women, especially the ones from abroad to find purpose and thrive in business. Her future plan is to be more active and raising more awareness for victims of trafficking and sex-slavery. 

Mylan Vu

Mylan Vu

Committee Member

Part of the team at Digital Women’s Network Sydney, Mylan also is the Managing Director for Hotwire PR offering End-to-end PR and communications campaign management for leading, developing and new tech brands – including strategy development, content marketing/development, media relations, thought leadership strategy and content, event management, lead generation campaigns, profile building, investor relations, analyst relations, issues/crisis management, and more.

Nicola Reece

Nicola Reece

Committee Member

I’m passionate about all things Digital, specifically Digital Marketing and Technology. Having worked in Recruitment for 5 years; I understand the importance of networking. I see myself as a ‘match-maker’ whether I’m connecting a relevant person to an exciting job opportunity, a client to a talented individual or networking myself to promote my personal brand.

I started off my career as a Marketing Assistant at a corporate events company in London and quickly found myself with working in Digital Recruitment. In 2016 I made a big decision to leave the big smoke and relocated to Melbourne. I wish I was introduced to the Digital Women’s Network sooner as I truly see the benefit in networking with individuals, especially when you move to a new city like myself.

What do you enjoy most in your job or skills you have refined that could help people with if they are needing advice?

Listening and giving advice – if I can’t help someone directly I always point them in the right direction or suggest someone that can. Working in recruitment I have tailored my communication skills, interviewing skills and also resume writing.

What are your goals for joining DWN?

Connect with like-minded, passionate and digital-focused individuals. Having relocated to Melbourne in 2016 and attending networking events I understand the benefit and hope that I can bring new ideas and contribute towards the continued success of the Digital Women’s Network. I’m looking forward to promoting the DWN through my personal and professional work.

What do you enjoy about networking?

Networking provides me with a vehicle to not only grow and develop my professional and business network, it also allows me to learn and grow personally from talking to individuals who are open to sharing their career experiences to me.

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our story

In Jan 2016, we began with a handful of “Women in Digital” focused on boardroom style events. As of May 2019 our footprint of members is an ever growing 34,924. Heavily weighted to Melbourne. Monthly we send over 55,000 emails and enjoy a high open rate, we also boast hundreds of thousands of Linkedin and social media followers.

The majority of the Digital Women’s Network is made up of senior managers, leaders and executives, across a wide variety of businesses from media, to marketing, technology, finance and education. The majority are senior and C-level exec’s with 70%-30%  Female/Male split, aged 25-55.

Digital Women’s Network is a group of professionals who combine efforts to ensure all are at the forefront of the Digital revolution globally.

We pride ourselves on finding inspirational speakers that can share experiences and or professional development, networking opportunities in the dynamic and fast-paced industry that is Digital.

Each quarter we will offer new and exciting programs for our members to join, on top of events and courses.


Share & Engage! We encourage everyone to participate at our events, share a story, experience or recommendation! We love to provide introductions to mentors, leaders and people in Digital. Providing the Women Digital leaders of the future the guidance and direction they need to take the next step in their career or business.


Our “Present Confidently” course kicked off in 2017, it was a really rewarding to see the progress through the day. This course will remain a staple of our offering in partnership with TEDx speaker and CEO of Care Global Sandy McDonald.

Featured through the year both in Melbourne and Sydney. We will also be able to offer members access online through our portals and assist people to refine presentation skills to help them in their careers.

Click here to speak to us for more information.

Empowering business women locally and globally

Digital Womens Network strategically partner with organisations, charities and causes both locally and globally. We seek to assisting to raise funds, provide networking and business opportunities for success.