Interview with CEO of CreateCare Global, TEDx talker Sandy Mc Donald

By Angela Mellak

In preparation for our event tomorrow night “how to deliver your message with confidence and intention”, we had a moment to ask few key questions of Sandy Mc Donald

1. What are the common communication problems that you see in female leaders?

There are ten common communication traps female leaders fall into, but the most common is having too much of a focus on the time period available coupled with important content, so people struggle to work out which of several competing messages they should include as a priority. It all comes down to clarity of purpose.

2. How important is it for women in business / female leaders to communicate with intention and clarity?

It is absolutely vital. Without being able to communicate clearly, succinctly and with confidence and thereby defining their own significant value, women will be overlooked for the sizeable contribution they should be making in a boardroom, in management, politics or any other avenue of persuasion.

3. What are the intangible outcomes that you saw when a business changed their communication strategy?

Beyond coming to appreciate how necessary the work of clarity, it was the realisation that story is powerful and can be used to persuade a point of view with far better effect than a powerpoint graph or chart.

4. I see the problem in young women in their early career stage where they cannot communicate their idea effectively to others. What do you think are the problems?

Women can be easily silenced by more dominant voices. I believe in these early career stages, women overthink how they can make a contribution. The trick beyond working on an articulated understanding of their value and worthiness to contribute is listening genuinely, not just for the opportunity to speak.

If they listen deeply, then they will ask the right questions that then allow them to contribute meaningfully. That advice goes for any stage in life I believe.

5. One tip on how women can start to learn to communicate more effectively and intentionally

Keep asking why? Why do you do what you do for who? This work on clarity will help you articulate your value. Then gather the stories that support that value.

We are delighted to be announcing a partnership with Sandy Mc Donald in which she will be conducting training and development workshops beginning with the 22nd April 2017. For more information see our website and or register for an information pack please reach out to us at

Tomorrow night 15th March we @Digital Women’s Network will be hosting Sandy Mc Donald, limited tickets are still available, so if you are in town and able to make it along please join us.

See Sandy’s Tedx talk here

Hope to see you there,

Many thanks,

Angela Mellak CIM

Director of Digital White Space and Co-founder of Digital Women’s Network

2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne

M: +61(0)466 619 631



“Your smile is your logo, your personality your business card and how you leave people feeling after they dealt with you becomes your trademark”.. Angela Mellak

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