“How to develop your leadership and influence skills” an event by Digital Women’s Network

A keynote speech by Tony McGinn OAM, founder of MCM Entertainment Group

Digital Women’s Network hosted a spectacular event on the 17th of May filled with inspirational leadership lessons and attended by leaders and executives (mostly women) from different walks of life. The main attraction of the event was a speech by Tony McGinn OAM the founder of MCM Entertainment Group Ltd and The McGinn Partnership. Tony was the mastermind behind “take 40 Australia” and the Million Dollar Lunch. Tony’s speech was followed by some precious networking over delicacies catered by Peter Rowland Catering and a glass of Wine. All the attendees also received a goodie bag brought together by the event sponsors.

The key agenda of Tony’s speech was to share his professional success story and impart practical lessons to the audience based on his experience about how they can improve their influence and leadership skills. Tony started by talking about the 3 “plus” key attributes to starting up in business or taking control of one’s career: Naivety, Passion, Persistence, plus a little bit of OCD.

Tony highlighted the five phases one goes through while growing a business or personal career.

  1. The first phase was “Sweat, grow and learn, with a big emphasis on sweat”.
  2. The second phase, “Sweat, grow, manage and learn”, Tony said is when one has other people around them and hence they manage while still growing themselves.
  3. The third phase “Manage, systemise, grow and learn” according to Tony is when one starts to add systems, processes, software to support them in their business and career at this stage.
  4. Next phase “A bigger ambition” is the stage when one is an accomplished manager leveraging systems, delegating authority and expanding with ambition. This is one of the most vulnerable stages.
  5. And for the next stage Tony challenged the audience with “So what next?” which is when one gets to the level they set their goal on. The choice one makes at this stage is very important as one can go very wrong at this point.

Tony left the audience with important messages about today’s digital era. He said “From a digital perspective today, the biggest issue that faces us is there needs to be a much stronger moral compass. Digital enables an enormous amount of things to happen, but there’s a responsibility that comes with it. The world has always had the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’ and in the digital age, we have greater reach, but it’s how we use it”

At Digital Women’s Network, we aim to create a place for learning, sharing and professional networking for all Women in Digital and all professionals in this “Digital era”. Our monthly events feature empowering leaders in the digital space, sharing insights and opportunities to uncover the latest tools, products and platforms. Ultimately we are here to help women improve their skills and knowledge and build a community of like minds together. “At all of our events, you can find yourself surrounded by success oriented and driven Digital Women leaders” says the Founder Angela Mellak.
About Digital Women’s Network

Founded in 2016 the group was created for Women (though men are welcome too!) interested in all things digital by women working in the digital space. Digital Women’s Network Melbourne, connects members online and offline around the world through events, podcasts, webinars, Facebook Live and Kwickie TV. Furthermore Digital Women’s Network offer bootcamp intensive 1:1 training programs on topics such as Negotiation Skills, Networking and Advocacy development, Presenting Confidently and many more with key successful leaders and influencers such as Jon Yeo, Lux Group CEO Adam Schwab, talker Sandy McDonald. To be a part of our international network or to join in the conversation at one of our events or meetup, simply sign up to our email on our website www.digitalwomensnetwork.com. Our HQ is located at Work Club Melbourne 2/237 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000

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