Interview Bernadette Cullen, Board Member Digital Women’s Network

By Angela Mellak

What does the digital era mean to you? 

We are constantly connected which means we are able to communicate with our friends, family and peers far easier. This also allows for brands to have 2 way conversations with their customers in a real time basis . ]I don’t really see digital as an “era” as it’s here to stay and will continue to evolve as technology continues to advance.

How does digital affect you?

  • It makes my life more easier as everything I need to know, discover and remind myself of is at arms distance.

Tell us your view of the changing digital landscape (how does this affecting your industry, your role?)

  • I work in digital paid media specialising in paid search, social and programmatic display.  There is a mountain of data that I  can tap into that to create more targeted and personalised campaigns for my clients. Machine based learning is very interesting and I am excited to see how prediction based targeting evolves and how advertisers will utilise this.

What are the trends you see in your sector?

-Further development of AI/prediction based modelling.
-Tighter policies with data sharing and how we can use personal data in our marketing campaigns.
-Brands testing personalisation platforms
-Further development/measurement of the single customer view

What made you join the Digital Women’s Network?

  • Meet new and likeminded people
  • Makes some new friends
  • Learn new areas and development within digital

What drives you? 

  • Being surrounded my good and likeminded curious people
  • Testing new concepts and analysing performance – then applying the learning to further develop and generate even better outcomes.

What do you think of Networking?

  • I think it’s a  necessary to help you grow and develop within your career. I really enjoy talking to new people and hearing what they have to say and learning from them.

What are your top 5 tips for someone starting in your industry?

  • Be curious
  • Don’t be afraid of failing
  • Ask for help, have a sponsor at work to help promote you and invest in a mentor.
  • Read / watch videos on industry press (Search engine land for example), learn about new verticals and industries, attend events and meetups –  try and learn something new every week and apply to your role.
  • Stop sending so many emails and pick up the phone / walk over to someone / have a coffee meeting instead –  This is how strong relationships are built

What makes you unique?

  • I am very curious and not afraid to ask questions – even if it makes me vulnerable. I am constantly pursuing clarity and context!

Where do you get your inspiration from?

  • My colleagues
  • My clients
  • My friends
  • Media partners (Google, Facebook etc)
  • My partner
  • I meditate every day – App is called headspace – I highly recommend.


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