Our Speaker Rae Bonney – Art of Networking

By Angela Mellak

We are absolutely delighted to host Rae Bonney at our up and coming event on 21st June 2017 : “Master the Art of Networking”.

Rae Bonney is an Integrated Wellbeing Specialist and mental health advocate, working across many settings; Who Group, beyondblue, private practice, radio presenting, community work and many pro bono activities. She relies heavily on a range of networking activities to help influence change.

“What are you reading right now?” 

The Cheeky Monkey – Writing Narrative Comedy by Tim Fergusson

“What’s your favourite digital platform-?

Could I say my 2 Radio Shows on 94.1FM 3wbc because we can stream live through the internet?  I also love LinkedIn and Facebook because they are different audiences and gets me across so many more people

“What do you see being the biggest challenge for the world in the next year?”

I think there are so many challenges, however, we also forget to address the opportunities.  I think media in itself fits well in this context – challenging because of the way media is now reported (consumer smart phone) and opportunistic that we have more choice on how and when we are accessing media

“What makes you laugh”

My kids (I made them funny).  Hamish and Andy never fail to get a laugh out of me

“Do you advocate for people? Why?” 

My whole life’s work is around advocating for the betterment of people (integrated wellbeing which embraces all aspects of the human condition).  My main focus though is around the human rights of men.  Whilst  I absolutely respect and understand other, opposing points of view, and most certainly address and grieve the horrific number of these cases that result in women being injured and killed. We cannot deny the astronomical rates of male suicide here in Australia (6 of the 8 every day). I feel there are so many more things that can be done in early intervention, provision of resources and recognition for everyone, that could significantly reduce the serious impact of these outcomes. I hear way too many heartbreaking stories every single day of men who have died, attempted suicide or are simply just suffering in silence through injustice, stigma, judgement and a view that men don’t really matter, they can’t be good parents and are largely dangerous and disposable beings.  Everyone matters and deserves the right to safety, security and understanding.

Join us and meet Rae Bonney in person

  • 21st June 6pm-8:30pm
  • 2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
  • Door prizes
  • Goodie bags
  • Catering by Peter Rowland,
  • And a glass of wine included
  • Drinks at bar prices

Walk away armed with strategic tips on how to go about building better networks and beneficial relationships.

Remember to bring your business cards 🙂

Tickets available @Eventbrite:

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