Interview Kelly Dang; Board Member, Digital Women’s Network

By Angela Mellak

Kelly Dang Marketing Manger Intercheck, Kelly is an integral part of the Digital Women’s Network sharing her knowledge, passion and enthusiasm behind the scenes and at our events. We are delighted to have her as a board member and her invaluable support, we wanted to share some of her thinking with you.

1.What does the digital era mean to you?

That means I can learn anything faster and easier. I have the thirst for knowledge. 10 years ago, I remember I have to rode my bike for an hour to go to a language class. Now, I wake up, opening Duolingo on my phone and starting my French lesson in no time. I always wish that the digital evolution could have happened sooner, I could have spoken 10 different languages by now

2. how does digital affect you?

My role is constantly changing and diversified thanks to the evolution of the industry. As I am leading marketing department, It is not sufficient to stick to my role’ descriptions, I need to attain knowledge and skills from other areas to be able to communicate and collaborate with other departments such as IT, design, product development. How many marketers know how to code?

3. Tell us your view of the changing digital landscape (how does this affecting your industry, your role?)

My company operates in a unique and highly competitive industry, the changing nature of digital landscape gives us more opportunities and creative ways to grow and excel over our competitors. I think what differentiates ourselves to other competitors is we can leverage the digital systems to connect to customers in a human way and solve their problems before they even know it.

4. What are your top 5 tips for someone starting in your industry?

  • Read, read and read. Marketing is constantly changing every hour, everyday. If you don’t keep yourself up to date with changes within the industry, you will get left behind.
  • Don’t forget the principles of marketing. Porters 5 forces, the 6 P, … Pick up “ principles of marketing” book by Phillip Kotler, this is your bible!
  • Networking and talk to other leaders within the industry. This applies for whatever industries you are in
  • Get a mentor within the industry. You will grow faster and they also keep you focus
  • Remind yourself that this is what you want to do and follow to the end. Remember success never comes easy

5. What made you join the DWN?

The mission and value of DWN align a lot with my owns. I have come a long way in my career compared to few years ago and I want to help others to be success in what they do. When I migrated here 10 years ago, I tried really hard to adapt to the culture and connect to the people. I find that I can share my stories to other women who are in similar situations and inspire them to achieve what they want to do in career and life.

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