Angela’s Top tips for Networking

By Angela Mellak

Top tips to master the art of networking:

  • It’s really about connecting with someone and listening, find out about them. Ask questions, show interest and ask yourself “how can I help that person with my network?”
  • You need to have a cut through greeting, being memorable. It’s not about, talking about the weather, find something genuine to talk about.
  • Spend the time to understand how you can help the person first. Advocate for people, follow up on your commitment
  • Keep a note of who you met and what they do, the power of your network comes down to how you best help others to connect- then people will do the same for you someday!
  • Connecting people is what Networking is all about, however if you don’t connect with someone (you don’t feel it) just don’t waste your time. When you’re at an event networking, you need to make sure you have an exit.…
  • We each born with two ears and one mouth, so listen double and speak about yourself less- DON’T TRY TO SELL PEOPLE
  • Build honest, genuine connection with people,
  • Your network growth comes from connecting people that can help each other
  • Always be aware of peoples culture, watch the other person’s body language some times of the year and some cultures don’t shake hands. However, if you do shake hands with a person do it with warmth and make eye contact – avoid a limp half shake it will never leave people with a great lasting memory
  • When you are speaking to someone, listen to them and try to understand who they are and how you can help them or who you know that could help them
  • Building a network needs time, so allocate some and get to events, trade shows and meet ups that interest you.
  • The more practice and events you go to the easier it gets! try to role play with someone you are comfortable with even your work colleagues, or practise in front of a mirror.
  • Linkedin, connect and sync with your calendar to help you whenever you are making meetings to see people. It’s very intuitive, yet nothing beats face-to-face interactions.
  • Don’t add someone on LinkedIn and then spam them with a product or service offer.
  • Use Linkedin to prepare and do your research and homework before you meet them.
  • The biggest faux pas is when people seek out to connect with you to just sell you or promote their product (spam). It is frustrating, there is an etiquette- don’t spam people, use a bit of common sense.

Rugare Gomo

I had the privilege of being on the panel with 3 fabulous ladies at the Digital Womens Network sharing to 100 women how to build successful businesses and relationships through networking. We are also thrilled to announce the Gomo Foundation’s partnership with the Digital Womens Network.

Thank you so much Angela Mellak and team for the extraordinary opportunity. I am inspired by the warmth, care and love you have for each other and all your members.

Dr Mei Ling Döéry MBBS, B.Med.Sci, MPH , Physician Entrepreneur

“Creating positive energy and vibrancy is not easy or something that many people can do. You achieved a wonderful feeling which I’m sure lead to many new connections for the women who attended. I certainly had some fascinating conversations.” 

Alyssa Jane Gutierrez

Hi Angela, Thank you for the event last night! As a young professional looking after the marketing division of a fintech startup, I look forward to attending events such as the the digital women’s network. It’s so important to me to meet and learn from like minded individuals. I had a great time and there was a calibre of value in the room.

Stephanie Burrell

Thank you so much for having us on Wednesday, it was a great event!

Ann Pocock

Hello Angela, A quick shout out to say it was great to meet you on Wed night and thank you for running such an enjoyable event. So glad a friend took me along. Looking forward to connecting again soon.

Looking forward to connecting again at our next event,

Big thank you to our sponsors;

Please see our events page /

2, 287 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000


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