Finding a balance event wrap up


In this Digital era we are always on, plugged in and connect. Yet we are more disconnected than ever before, high rates of stress, depression, anxiety and burnout than ever before. On Wednesday 13th September we decided to bring you an event on finding balance, this week in mental health week and on the 14th is are you ok day, we wish to acknowledge that it’s ok to not be ok. The event provided tips, insights and a space to help busy people find balance in life for self!

  • Mei Doery –  Physician Strategist & World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, leading the Convenory& Suga by half
  • Maxime Nolten- Wellness Cultivator (health coach and Personal Trainer) at Maximum You
  • Sarita Johan – Corporate Business coach and health advocate
  • Peggy Renders – Tech Executive & Conscious Leader
  • Nicole Williams – Chinese Doctor and Herbal Medicine

13th September 2018 @digitalwomensnetwork we were delighted to host 5 incredible women on Finding a Balance we were joined by Dr Mei Ling Doery, Peggy Renders, Maxime Nolten, Nicole Williams, Sarita Johan here are our member’s views

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