We’re thrilled to announce our collaboration with the Australian College of Marketing!

By Insiya Challawala

That’s right. Digital Women’s Network has partnered with the Australian College of Marketing to catapult Australian Women’s Digital Skills and future-proof their careers.

DWN will now be offering new digital marketing short courses, with industry experts and the educational strengths and expertise of one of the most esteemed Digital Marketing Colleges in Australia. The courses will kick off in Melbourne and Sydney early next year.

Course content will focus around various topics related to the digital marketing landscape. All courses will run for one day and provide practical takeaways ready for immediate implementation, such as a capabilities related to digital planning and strategy and use of analytical tools. The courses also provide materials for students to use ongoing, enabling them to continue to apply and expand their knowledge throughout their careers.

The price per participant will be $495 per day, inclusive of breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea. Each participant will be supported and encouraged to participate by bringing practical business examples to discuss and learn from. Spaces will be limited to 20 to ensure tailored approaches to each participants’ needs. All courses will aim to help participants accelerate their career, while developing the most in-demand digital skills of today’s and tomorrow’s employers.

Emma Blackburn, Principal at The Australian College of Marketing, commented, “We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Digital Women’s Network to help young women differentiate themselves in the ever evolving marketing industry, and take control of their own careers. The digital marketing skillsets on offer are highly transferrable and will open doors to new career opportunities and experiences for participants both in Australia and globally.”

Starting from February 17, 2018, the courses will take place on Saturdays, every two months in Melbourne and Sydney. Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite or our website 

Read the Press Release about the collaboration published in Campaign Brief :


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