How to think Beyond your Brain

What a night to remember! A spectacular venue coupled with the most sought after topic of the technological evolution – Futurism. Dave took us through a look at the past into our fourth industrial revolution and then discussed the obsession we have been having with “Data” and “Validation”. He highlighted that over the past 10 years our focus for Trends, Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality and Social Enterprises is not really the future. In fact Digital as is, is not the future.

Dave then went on to challenge us to pivot our thinking, by highlighting that we should be shifting our approach into how we experience and engage with;

  • Active trends
  • Augment our intelligence
  • Engage with mixing reality
  • Enterprise societally

“The Future of our progression is to change our traditional thinking and to sit in a new space, with a new vision and seek our experiences, experiment and use far more of our right brain- the creative side. As the best leaders, innovators and changes come from the creative minds of humans. Ultimately the position is to think beyond your brain!”

Dave challenged us to use super human intelligence- which sounded almost crazy but as he explained it happens when you empower yourself with the collective thinking of peers and leaders. Dave encouraged to try to have insightful conversations with people, explore experiences not opinions, leave your opinion behind and ask WHY, see surprises –  don’t seek to validate with data, make discoveries.

A Future thinking acronym, which Dave has created for all of us to remember and benefit from across the past, present and future, is LEAP





If you would like to hear more about it go to  and use the code DWN0818

Digital Women’s Network are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Dave to provide a Future Lab in October with early bird tickets opening soon.

So stay tuned and look Beyond Digital!


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