The Future of Leadership : Event gallery and wrap up

What a fantastic turn out and amazing event on the future of leadership with our incredible panel made up of  Penny Locaso – Female leadership expert & Futurist,  Jon Yeo – Curator & Speaker coach, Peter Thurin – Mentor, Thought leader & motivational speaker, Rebecca Bradshaw – Mentor, Speaker focused on culture & process.

So what is the future of Leadership? Well as you can imagine there are many layers to this question but the one thing the panel agreed on was Leadership is and will continue to be about being human.  It will be important that leaders continue to explore and implement digital technology but only in order for it to solve human problems and needs. Oh and don’t forget that not being afraid to fail is vital to great leadership, of course you need to learn, get back up again and keep on moving forward.

The good news is we all have the power to make that choice for ourselves. In order to see more women in senior roles the current executive level workplace model needs breaking and reinventing. Will we see flexibility, and  shared job roles at C suite level in the future in order to ensure high level roles can work for both men and women who wish to share family responsibilities while still reaching the top level of their career?


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