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What a delight it is to share my wrap up from our SOLD OUT event on The Future of Leadership, Empowering Success and Happiness. On the 29th August, we had a fantastic turn out and amazing event with our incredible panel made up of Jon Yeo – Curator & Speaker coach, Rebecca Bradshaw – Mentor, Speaker focused on culture & process. Penny Locaso – Female leadership expert & Futurist,   Peter Thurin – Mentor, Thought leader & motivational speaker,

So what is the future of Leadership?

Well as you can imagine there are many layers to this question but the one thing the panel agreed on was Leadership is and will continue to be all about being human!

It is first and foremost important that leaders continue to understand their people, as Peter put it “be their champions” and create the environment of empowerment by listening to your people and putting your own self to one side, if you can focus on their happiness they in turn will make your customers happy.

Jon outlined everyone needs a space to innovate, globally the best leaders share stories and messages to empower their people, audiences and colleagues. Being honest and open to new thinking. “Great leaders get comfortable with being uncomfortable and help shape environments to cultivate innovative thinking”.

Here is my 1:1 with Jon which outlines more of his thinking- we are also lucky to partner with Jon for a one day bootcamp to learn how to present with confidence, coming up in October.

Penny pointed out we need to have a focus on diversity within organisations, translating this into creating roles at the senior level that suit the modern person and parent. Gone are the days when one spouse sits at home running the household and raising a family. “In order to see more women in senior roles the current executive level workplace model needs breaking and reinventing.” The big question is will we start to see flexibility, and shared job roles at C suite level in the future? We need to ensure high-level roles can work for both men and women who wish to share family responsibilities while still reaching the top level of their career.

We need to implement digital technology, but only in order for it to solve human problems and needs. Penny reminded us that you need to embrace fear and use it to your advantage. Every time you fail is teaches you something, most VC’s don’t invest unless a founder has a few failures under their belt (aka resilience).

Here is my 1:1 with Penny for more thoughts and her views

Resilience is vital to great leadership, of course, you need to learn, to get back up again and keep on moving forward.

Rebecca outlined the good news is, we all have the power to make that choice for ourselves. We have the choice of how to think and conduct ourselves through challenging working cultures and how we can work with a team mindset to set a positive culture within our organisations.

Here is my 1:1 with Rebecca for more insights to her thinking-

Join us next Month on the 3rd October where we explore Happiness & Confidence in the Digital Era with Kate Boorer & Rachel Service and our new Venue partner The George 162 Collins Street Melbourne 3000

This night Kate Boorer will take us on a journey looking deeper into what makes us confident, what it takes to grow your own core confidence and how can this help you with your own personal brand in this Digital Era.

Then we look at Happiness, with Rachel Service how to ensure we are acing in life and our career! Rachel will share life hacks to find happiness in this digital era, for companies and individuals.

Many thanks,

Angela Mellak MCIM

Judge for Anthills 2018 Top 100 Innovative Companies Ranking Top10 LinkedIn influencer 2017 Director and Strategist – Digital White Space Co-founder – Digital Womens Network

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