Happiness at your service! Here is my sit down with the beautiful Rachel Service

In the lead up to our International Women’s Day event #balanceforbetter, here is my Q&A with the driver of Happiness Rachel Service

What are you working with clients on balance in the workplace? Do you have any ripper examples?  

Yes. Examples:

  • Superstars of STEM Programme: working with Australia’s leading female-identifying STEM specialists over 2018 / 2019 to create 60 public figures which young girls can look up to. This programme directly addresses the challenges associated with the chilling statistic that when most children are asked to draw a picture of a scientist: they draw a man.
  • Constructive Conversations: the majority of workplaces are engaging Happiness Concierge for this game-changing skill which directly contributes to a balance, or misbalance of voices heard in any organisation. The majority of people would rather leave a workplace instead of having a conversation and this affects earning potential, as well as succession plans.
  • We work with high-stress individuals in our Leadership Coaching to help them understand how behaviours influence what types of information their team bring to them and often these are people who have an influence on the balance in their organisation. Our Traffic Light Behaviour (Red, Yellow, Green), helps team members work together to identify helpful and unhelpful behaviour and how to take responsibility for it.

How would a balanced workplace benefit your clients now or could it have in the past?

The premise of bringing in Happiness Concierge into a workplace is based on the fact there is an imbalance of some kind, whether that’s communicative, structural, mindset, attitude, skills-based, power based or behaviour based.

All clients benefit from a variety of perspectives and the most successful ones are able to prioritise which balance is right for their organisation by empowering and educating their team on what is ok, and what is not ok. Employees can then make a clear decision as to whether those values align with their own career prospects.

Views on balance for better?

Balance for the better changes which make cultural or structural sense contributing to organisational outcomes. For Happiness Concierge, that means voices are recognised, valued, and decisions are made for the betterment of the company’s values, the people they serve (customers, including team) and bottom line.

If we’re talking about maintaining a profitable business where all voices are heard, equally: that is not something I believe exists. If we’re talking about a balanced organisation to where voices are valued, respected and escalated; that’s a future I’m interested in pursuing.

Who inspires you in business? Do you seek both genders views?

I seek advice from people who have things I don’t. That spans all industries, genders, insights, communities, countries and age groups. I’m in the business of building a profitable company which enables opportunities and life-changing value to the people we serve, so I’m interested in views which contribute to that.

Anything to share about balance for better?

I encourage people to consider what balance looks like to them and then to act on those values.

Rachel Service is the Founder of Happiness Concierge

Bit more about Rachel Service

Rachel Service

Rachel Service is the Owner of Happiness Concierge: the global training company helping people ace work and life. Happiness Concierge trains the biggest organisations and most influential experts in Australia including Reserve Bank of Australia, Powercor, AGL, Vanguard Investments, Lazard Australia, RMIT, UNSW, Chief Scientists, Biologists, Doctors, and researchers.  After suffering anxiety, depression and burnout in her 20’s, Rachel realised work was killing her and created Happiness Concierge to change the working lives of professionals globally.


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