Wrap up, Video changing the way we communicate with Kwickie & Digital Women’s Network

Over 35 people attended on a beautiful evening on the 12th of April. Our Speaker Angela Mellak started off the event by taking the audience on the evolutionary journey video has taken since 1895, through to today. Angela went on to outline the various categories of video from Educational, through to Entertainment and highlighted the most powerful structures and Digital tools and platforms that are changing the way people use video and technology.

James presentation offered suggestions on production values, using video platforms for business and brands. He said the Kwickie video platform has become a powerful tool for business and social interaction and in particular between celebrities and fans. James shared exclusively with the Digital Women’s Network some behind the scenes footage they had created with the recent partnership with Australia’s Formula One Grand Prix 2017. We announced the launch of Digital Women’s Network Channel on Kwickie, that can be seen https://youtu.be/erY04HBIwvQ?list=PLrLtEnkxoE6VbcPD99uMr1liLn98oyIyM 

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