LEADERSHIP SPEAKING WITH ILLUMINATED STORY & DIGITAL WOMEN’S NETWORK Wednesday 21st August 2019 we held Part one of our three part public speaking breakfast series, which was a great success.  Our guests were spoilt with a delicious breakfast provided by Guy Grossi’s Merchant team while listening to Carmen Sederino from Illuminated Story impart many great … Continued

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Campaign brief media coverage of our announcement

We are delighted that the Campaign Brief featured our announcement today. Our aim is to help support the professionals we have in our network we are thrilled to be partnering with Australian College of Marketing. We Digital Women’s Network listened to our members to create relevant short courses with practical material that can be applied … Continued

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My interview with Rupert Dean on the next Media Revolution!

By 2022, the Augmented Reality (and Mixed) market is predicted to expand to $117.4 Billion. The reason for its rapid growth is augmented reality’s applicability to more than just one market. With global giants like Ikea and other large retailers full steam launching this technology and most recently Apple investing north of $200 mill and now google … Continued

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The Importance of Relationship Building

The importance of relationship building

The Importance of Relationship Building by: Elizabeth Blackley, Senior Business Analyst

Living in The Age of Technology, and working as a technology consultant, might lead one to believe that interpersonal relationships are not as important as in “the old days”. Contrary to this misperception, consultants understand the reality:  society living and breathing by their tech toys renders human relationships more important than ever.

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